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Office of Indiana State Chemist and Purdue Pesticide Programs

The Office of Indiana State Chemist and Purdue Pesticide Programs recently sponsored the creation of the Pollinator Protection campaign that now sits within the Clear Choices Clean Water Native Plants campaign. This partnership was brought about due to the efforts of the Indiana Pesticide Review Board and their stakeholders to develop a statewide Pollinator Protection Plan in response to a 2015 Presidential Memorandum for Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators. Clear Choices Clean Water is thrilled to be part of the education and outreach efforts of this plan. The action pledge additions that are part of this campaign will help focus native planting efforts on creating pollinator habitat, change pesticide usage habits, and improve beekeeping practices. Thank you, Office of Indiana State Chemist and Purdue Pesticide Programs, for being a great partner and helping defend pollinator populations!

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    Tim Stottlemyer -
    MS4 Program Manager, City of Noblesville

    Clear Choices Clean Water is the best stormwater public education program I have used in the past 10 years. Having a program that is based on solid science and professionally built was way beyond my reach of my local stormwater program however; by partnering with others we leveraged not only our own funds but also other industries who also benefit from water quality education. The result is a program that actually engages people in simple but effective ways to create healthy habits in their own community, they can also see the cumulative effect of being part of a larger movement on the map.